Wedding Timeline Suggestions

* Plan all must-have shots to be finished by sunset.
Having a wedding at sunset not only makes for a magical ceremony but also provides a beautiful backdrop for photos. Find out what time the sun will set on your wedding day.

* Make sure your flowers are delivered in time for Group Photos with your girls/guys (Bouquets/Boutonnieres).
If you are spending hundreds of dollars on flowers, they should be in your photos, right!?
Speak with your florist, Wedding Planner or Director about making sure everyone has their flowers (guys-boutonnieres pinned on) before designated photo starts times.

*Discuss with the officiant the details of wedding photography (the use of Camera Flash during the ceremony and floor photography-how far up on the floor he prefers the photography shoots during the event.)

* Allot travel time from event to event and place to place during Wedding Day Festivities.
Just to be on the safe side, here's a link to MapQuest:

*Feel free to email me a key list of names/relationships of individuals to be included in photographs to help hurry along Formal Photo Process.

* Please email me and I will draft a timeline specified for your event. My goal is to have happy brides and happy grooms. Although it might seem tedious to revolve your entire day around your photos, we want to make sure that you get the photos you want! Your guests WILL understand!
Tentative Timeline Example:

Photographer Arrive/Shoot Details Accessible
Flowers Arrive (Girl’s Bouquets & Boy’s Boutonnieres)
Bridesmaids/Mother of the Bride/Grandmother of the Bride get dressed first. 
Photos of the Bride getting ready in her gown look much better when Bridesmaids are formally dressed.
1 hour Girls Photos / Bridal Shots Alone
1 hour Boys Photos / Groom Shots Alone
Ceremony Start Time
Consider whether or not you want to do a Receiving Line. This is a great way to greet & thank guests for coming to your Wedding, but it also cuts down on Photo Time after the ceremony and before the reception.
Formal Photos of Families & Bridal Party (A few images shot inside Church, Majority Outdoors if Weather Permitting)

Full Bridal Party
Bride & Groom Photos (Alone) Consider additional alone time inside private (getting  ready/parlor) room in church. Photographer can walk you to a room and pre-arrange with a Wedding Coordinator to have drinks and a snack there for about 15 minutes for a few moments of BREATHING! Maid of Honor can reassure no one bothers you during this time. The Wedding Day passes by so quickly~it's wonderful to have some time to yourselves!~
Bride, Groom & Bridal Party Announced at Reception: Newlyweds' Grand Entrance into Reception Hall. Bride & Groom enter, let your groom twirl you around a bit and dip you (Kiss!) Let's face it: you're putting on a producttion here - so let's make it fun!
Bride & Groom cut cake upon Entrance of Reception
Dinner/Food Lines Open
Toast at end of dinner/while cake is being served
Bouquet/Garter Tosses
Sending away of Bride & Groom (bubbles/rice/dove release, etc)


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