Friday, March 5, 2010

Family Session {Bieda Family}

So ya know how when you're a teenager, there are certain girls like 8 or so years older than you and all you can really think when you're around them is: "I want to be just like her one day." Well for me, that girl is now the featured sweet mom, wife, daughter, aunt and sister in this post.

I got the opportunity to shoot The Bieda Family over the Thanksgiving Holiday while
Ben and I visited Kentucky and The Bieda's were visiting their family from Illinois.
We had a great time and had the chance to re-connect in the process!

Naomi, thank you for being so warm to me from back in my teenage years. You were always an inspiration, had a smiling face and the most beautiful hair of any redhead I know. Now you have your own beautiful family! All my love to you...........

This much cuteness shouldn't be allowed.
I heart you, Selah :)

The above photo: taken in front of a black barn.

Yes, a Black Kentucky Barn!
So many of you North Carolinian's have asked why there are so many black barns in KY.
I think it has something to do with the drying process of tobacco leaves?

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