Saturday, November 12, 2011

Go get your camera....

God works in such beautiful ways, and sometimes He's just waiting on us to listen....

This morning I was in the kitchen cleaning up and washing dishes when I glanced out the window above my sink and noticed a little squirrel on top of the out-building in our back yard. He was gnawing away on a nut and lingered there for quite a while. Every time I looked out the window, the squirrel was still there...seemingly in no real hurry to run away...just enjoying his snack there on the roof. A little voice kept telling me "Go get your camera." I kept ignoring it, but every time I'd look out the window, that squirrel was still there, waiting, patiently, posed just right. I knew it was God telling me to "go get my camera." Then, "go get your long lens and take a photo of that squirrel!"  

Finally, I did. I grabbed a 75-300mm lens and attached it to the camera body....walked back to the kitchen window and snapped ONE frame......then the squirrel ran away. 

In so many aspects of our life (big and small, important and simple), we hear that small, still voice....and we just ignore it. Know that God is ever-present in ALL realms of our livelihood, in all we do. 
We just need to listen.

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Jules said...

Sometimes it's the little things, in life, that God sends that make the day(s) special.


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