Monday, April 28, 2008

Mill Springs, Kentucky Civil War Battlefield

Ben and I enjoyed a 3-4 day weekend in Kentucky as we left around 6:45 Friday morning. We made a stop by Cumberland Falls on the way in and met my parents and my darling 9 year-old cousin, Christopher, at King Buffet in Somerset (a favorite Chinese Restaurant).

I planned a trip to Mill Springs Civil War Battlefield on Saturday for Christopher, Ben and me. Momma stayed back at home and dad was working at an auction. Mill Springs is only about 20 minutes from my parent’s house, so I thought it would be fun, educational for Chris and a great photo-op. Not to mention, I found out earlier in the week that the Historical Society was hosting 'Living History Weekend' with lots of bonuses just at the right time for us.

The beautiful rolling hills of the area seemed to put you back in another time with the soldiers dressed in period attire, canon-fire on the hour and the gravesite markers of the men who gave their life for such a cause. It was so very humbling, I love history.

When I took this photo of the landscape, I felt like Infrared was the way to go, it adds a crisp ambiance. It just works here.

One man, in particular, was the fellow who explained all the happenings, history and process to those of us who came to watch. He explained the difference in canon shells and even said that many people who dwell in the battlefield area found live shells that just didn’t go off. These people have been using them as door stops and décor for years, not knowing what they were. Each time a canon would fire, he would tell us, “Put your fingers in your ears and open your mouth!”

I think the highlight of the day was when we got to go down to the field where the 'soldiers' were firing the canons. The men were very happy when Ben and Christopher volunteered to help load the canon. Christopher was a fast learner for his job and Ben had long arms to get the inside of the canon cleaned quickly and efficiently. Chris was such a little gentleman. We love being with him. Thank heavens the time of the Civil War didn't involve my husband, father or loved ones. We don't realize sometimes....those grave markers could have been our men.

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