Monday, June 23, 2008

Mary Lynn's Graduation Party

I had the great pleasure of photographing Mary Lynn's Graduation Party Saturday at Dan Nicholas Park in Salisbury! We had so very much fun and got to meet the some of the sweetest people - family & friends of the Edwards Family! Thank you for such a lovely afternoon in the greatest park!

(more pictures to come!)


Crystal Cross said...

I really like this picture of Jamie and Elizabeth.

Emily said...

Aww! Emma is so darlin'!! Happy birthday lil girl. :-) Nice pix Missy! Keep up the great work!! <3

Julinda & Floren Morrison said...

These was really good pictures of Mary Lynn`s Graduation Party. Emma is so cute. And the Picture of the Boat in the water,It was just about dark and the light was shining on the water,that is a good picture. Love, Mom & Dad


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