Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Enjoying the Cataloochee

The blog post is a week over-due...but at least it's up! So, the Sunday after Lake Junaluska, my parents came to Wanyesville! We had some good BBQ {thanks Ben and the local travel channel)and then we headed to the Cataloochee Valley. Our friend Tammy told us about the elk you could spot near evening time. Me being the photography weird-o of the family, Ben being all up for an adventure and my parents being up for anything "as long as we can spend time together" - we drove the winding mountain roads....WORTH IT!

Here's a bull elk keeping watch over the cows and calves grazing in the field. So the park ranger people were all along the road and kept saying "keep your car between you and elk"...YEAH RIGHT! I figured I could out run 'em...or maybe not...but it was worth getting good shots....

This cow was sooo beautiful grazing beside the road. Obviously a park ranger saw her before we did and was on the opposite side of the road, ready to tell me to stay in the car. Poor daddy who was driving...with my abrupt orders to pull forward and back up...I wanted this shot!

We LOVE history.... This is the "Caldwell House." The Caldwell House was completed in 1906 and featured wooden interior paneling "imported" from Waynesville, NC, about 25 miles away. I was a little disheartened when I saw the vandelism and throughout the structure. In times like these as a photographer, I'd rather people not have the permission to tour such a piece of mountain history....although.....

.....this window upstairs was quite a beauty. I loved the light.....

Here is my family....Daddy; In the middle is my assistant, aka: "momma" She was gracious enough to lag around my ugly Canon bag with lenses and accessories; .... And, so glad Ben's feeling better!

My sweet (and cooperative) parents: I took this photo (yes, it was a set-up) in the old barn across from the Caldwell House.

THERE'S where I get my dimples!

Beech Grove School

A view of the Smokies.....

We got out of my dad's SUV so that mom and I can hike up to the old school and there's this car (is it a Dodge Dynasty?) parked beside the road. Ben says, "Honey! I used to have a car like this!" Not surprising...he always had a Grandpa Car and still would....In a couple years, I want a MINI VAN!

Our next BIG adventure together: THE BEACH!
Coming October 4th
{pain relief}


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I especially like the window and the view of the Smokies.

CrYsTaL said...

Yes, Great pictures! It looks gorgeous there... :) When are you going to the beach / where?

Melody said...

My favourite is of your parents from the barn. Awesome possum! ;o) The window would have to be second. Looks like you had a great time.


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