Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kentucky Visit {back home}

I read recently on a blog how it's so important as a photographer to be sure and capture images of those love, just as you capture others. Being back in Kentucky this past weekend, I really wanted to make sure I did this. I admit I didn't get as many pix as I would wish, but I'm beginning.

Here is my husband, Ben....

My dear friends (L-R) Megan, Chloe, Hannah, Moriah, Alyssa & Laura - after Sunday Morning's service at church... (sorry about the overhead sun's shadows!)

My mom is always so creative and festive for every season.

I love capturing her flowers and decor!

Here is my darling daddy....no denying I'm his child!

Hannah & Megan {beauty}
Moriah Mae - she's growing up to quite a beautiful young lady.....sigh.

Alyssa....pretty girl.Laura....she's a very talented artist and beautiful inside & out.


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William McMasters said...

Hey I know Hannah and Megan!! Very nice pictures!!!


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