Thursday, January 22, 2009

Want your own website?

Then I've got a great one to recommend! Lots of people have asked me what site I use and how I like it. I use Photobiz and I love it.

The templates are super easy to use & customize. You can change templates as often and as many times as you choose. It seems as though every time I log on there are more user-friendly options available for clients. The templates are snazzy and professional in appearance!

Customer service is wonderful via phone or email. And, oh yes! I also purchased an online cart through that. It makes client proofing much easier. And - there are no lame pop-ups to worry about.

Photobiz has a great referral program. If you are a member and you refer someone to their company, they will send you a check for $20! Soooo..if you sign up, use me as a reference! *wink-wink*

So if you are a photographer, a SAHM who is forever more proud of kids' pictures, an entrepreneur with a new business venture or just want a website of your own - try out photobiz...

{Just a disclaimer: I also looked at PortfolioSitez and BluDomain before ultimately going with Photobiz. Drop me a comment and let me know what you think!

Here are a couple of screen shots from my site:

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VickieLan said...

Thank you SO much for the recommendation! My website expires I think in August, and I really wanted to get a flash site to replace the one I currently have.

Does photobiz also serve as a website hosting and domain site as well, or would you have to acquire that yourself? How much total when it comes to purchasing your site?

my e-mail is, I'd appreciate any more information if you can. :D Thanks!


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