Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tips | 15 Digital Photography Tips for Christmas

Photography Tips for Christmas:
1. Prepare - Making a List, checking it twice - Do you have your camera, batteries, extra memory cards?
2. A White Balance Christmas - pay attention to what kind of light you're shooting in....
3. Set up a DIY 'Photo Booth' - set up a 'Portrait Zone' where everyone gets their photo taken!
4. Capture the preparation stages - food prep, putting up decorations, setting the table...
5. Before and After Shots - from the same position...what does your locale look like?
6. Time-lapse Christmas series - set your camera up in a location and set it to take photos every so often!
7. Christmas Lights - can be here to learn more!
8. Find a Point of Interest - find a focal point that has interest in a photo...
9. Fresh Group Photos - take a shot when everyone first arrives!
10. Opening Gifts - Shooting continuous Mode - switch your camera to 'burst mode' to get great series photos!
11. Fill Your Frame - of your subject by using your zoom or moving in a little closer!
12. Diffuse/Reflect Your Flash - if your images are too bright, bounce your flash off the wall or ceiling!
13. Go Macro - Switch to macro mode (usually the little flower icon) to get great close ups of ornaments or sweet in a bowl!
14. Watch Your Aperture - try throwing the background out of focus for a creative look!
15. Explore Your Neighborhood - Christmas Carol Services, houses covered in snow...


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