Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 1 at Duke

Hi all! Just an update on what's going on with Ben's eye.....

We made it to Durham, NC last night around 8 pm after a stop at the Olive Garden (YUMMY!) and checked into our hotel, just a block from Ben's Doctor's Office. We had an Office Visit with Dr. Jaffe this morning starting at 8:10 a.m. We were there all morning and finally got a 'sit down' with the actual good doctor... Ben got registered in, waited, had detailed photographs taken of his eyes, waited, had a consult with the doctor's assitant, waited some more and finally got to see Dr. Jeffe. About this time, Ben's parents arrived - wonderful timing. The doctor seems to think that they can laser the retina to hold down and put a 'buckle' around the eye. We are a bit worried about scarring, we're just putting it in God's Hands

After the consult, he looks at tomorrow's (Thursday's) schedule and realizes there is a cancellation. Ben will be Dr. Jaffe's first case at 6:00 a.m. EST, so the surgery should get underway at 7:30 a.m. EST.

PRAISE THE LORD! This way, we can get the surgery taken care and not take the risk of allowing more time to pass for the retina to totally detatch. This timing is wonderful, this way we won't have to worry anymore about the possibility of sudden loss of sight without the surgery. Although the surgery is scary (Ben will, of course, undergo general anesthesia) the consequences of not having the surgery are far more grim than getting it taken care.

I know God has been with us this whole way the past couple days! From getting the first appointment with Dr. Williams in Hickory on Tuesday, to catching Dr. Jaffe the next day after returning from a trip to Hong Kong the day the cancellation of someone else on the surgery list to schedule Ben's surgery on Thursday morning. We feel so positive, although still a bit naturally apprehensive. Ben and I now are in the Computer Room of our hotel within walking distance of the Surgery site tomorrow. That is God. We're taking the day slowly, keeping our minds occupied and happy and praying.

Please continue to pray for us!

With a Christian Love,



Emily said...

Hey! Sounds like everything is falling together for you guys. Just letting you know BOTH of you are in our prayers. We prayed for him in young people's service last night. :-) Keep us updated! Love you!

edwardsfamilyband said...

Dear Ben & Melissa,

We are in constant prayer for you both. We know God does all things well and are rejoicing with you for all He has done and will continue to do for you through your time at Duke. We serve a wonderful Savior who was crucified for our infirmities! Praise the Lord!


The Edwards

Sharon Black said...

We're praying with you!

Crystal Cross said...

God is good. ;-) We prayed for Ben last night at church too. Im so glad, yet not suprised that God has let everything fall into place just right. I've been thinking of you guys all morning. Call me if you need me. I love ya'll!!


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