Friday, July 4, 2008

We're Home.

It's amazing how much being home means to you. We made it back around 3:00 this afternoon and are so thrilled to be out of the hotel. The hotel was a blessing, though, since it was so close to Eye Clinic.

Ben had his first Post-Op appointment this morning. The doctor said there was no sign of infection, and the retina was attached and looked good. No sign of infection! Our immediate concern is the amount of pressure on the eye. It's moderately high right now (around 30) and it is so important it comes back to around average. We are going to see a doctor in Hickory in the morning to have Ben's pressure checked again, so hope and pray it's lowered by then.

Poor Ben. He has to keep his head down 50 minutes out of each hour to keep any drainage from harming the eye. It's so pitiful, but he's such a strong warrier. Right now, it's as if I'm his guide when walking to and from. All the way home (around 3 hours) he just sat in the passenger seat with his head straight down or resting face down on the pillow. I have all the confidence in the world, though, that healing is his. The next week is very crucial, though, in taking all his meds an drops and following the doctors' strict orders to the 'T'.

Romans 8:28

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