Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our Saturday

Hi everyone, just a little update on how today went. Our first full day back at home...whew. We had an Eye Doctor's Appointment this morning in Hickory at 8:30 a.m. to check the pressure in Ben's right eye, post-op. The pressure was 32, which was o.k., not great, but it definately could have been worse or higher. Considering Ben's surgery was just two days again and factor in the Marfans...things are going pretty good, considerably. Click here to learn more about they eye condition like Ben's - the torn retina.

Ben is currently on a regiment of about different drops, medication for the pressure in the eye, nausea & pain meds. He's so lethargic, not very talkative and just enjoys peace and quiet. I've just been cooking and cleaning today, trying to help Ben be as comfortably as possible. It's so hard for him since he has to keep his head down 50 minutes out of every hour, and sleep face down. This is because of the silicone oil the surgeon inserted. It has to remain in place, and the face flat positioning helps.

We're supposed to go back to the Eye Doctor on Monday in Hickory to get his pressure checked again, then we'll go to Duke sometime next week for another Post-Op Check (they're supposed to let us know what date and time).

It doesn't look as if we'll make it to church tomorrow, He's just so tired. Thank you all for your continued prayers and calls, it's such an encouragement to know he is on the winning side.

(Hopefully I'll be able to start posting more photos in the next day or so...I'm so far behind on editing!)


Emily said...

Hey girlie! Thanks for the update on things. Glad to hear they're going so well. And I'm glad to hear Ben enjoyed the visit. I hope we didn't bother him or anything. If y'all need anything, be sure and let me know! ;-) Have a nice dayyy

Crystal Cross said...

So glad everything went okay. Let me know if you need anything!


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