Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend Warrior

I realized just now how long it's been since I've posted on here! Well....since Wednesday....
We went back to see Ben's doctor at Duke on Wednesday morning, got up before dawn and made it to our 8:00 am appointment in Durham. Dr. Jaffe was encouraged, he said everything looked good. Although we got a good report, I have to admit...I was a little disheartened by hearing that it will be around 3 months and Ben has to go back in to have the protective silicone taken out. He has decent vision now, blurry because of the silicone, but it's vision-thank heavens.

Thursday was a pretty good day. Honestly, Ben just kinda hangs around here in the house, going from the living room to the bedroom, trying to relax his neck and back as much as possible. {he has to maintain the head down/face down position most of each hour} Ben decided that he thought he could make the coming weekend's singing at Cove Creek on Saturday and Sunday. Sooo, we started thinking and planning. We called our friend, Fred, up on Beech Mountain about a 30 minute drive from the concert's locale up winding mountain roads and arranged to stay in the Guest Quarters atop beautiful Beech Mountain. Turned out, my parents also made arrangements to drive out from Kentucky and stay with us!

Friday, I got us all packed after work...then we ran a few errands in Conover and Hickory....hit 2 traffic jams on the way to Hickory. I ran into Kohls really quick, and then Ben said he thought something was going on with his eye. He said he saw a dark spot at the bottom of the right eye. I called the eye doctor's office and had an on call dr call us back. He told us he doubted that it was a problem with the retina, but we'd be welcome to come in the office Saturday morning. Ben decided we should go on up the mountain, so we did.....
My parents arrived around 11pm Friday night...they are so wonderful.

Saturday, we got up, had brunch, more like lunch at Fred's Backside Deli on Beech Mountain and Ben went back to the condo and rested a while. Poor guy, I hope and pray he starts getting more rest this coming week! He said on Saturday he thought that the dark spots on his eye were getting smaller and moving from place to place. He didn't seem too terribly concerned about and by Sunday, he said either the spots were super small or even gone! yay! . . . . . The Cockman Family sang around 4:00 Saturday afternoon, it got hot real quick out there!...We went back to the condo and called up Caroline. She and the kids decided to come on up to Beech Mountain and stay with us! Ben, momma, Caroline and I stayed up till around mid-night talking - we always have fun together!

Sunday, we all got up, had breakfast (except for Ben - he wanted leftover Pizza, Cheeseburger, Baked Beans and slaw for Breakfast...hummm...) at the deli. Caroline and kids left out to head on to Sugar Grove before us, then we got all packed up. We went on the singing, The Cockman Family performed at 2:00...then, momma & daddy headed out back for Kentucky. I can't pretend here: I had to take a walk and get my cry out! It's sooo hard to say goodbye to them, but the miles are just a barrier. Maybe one day there won't be so many mountains between us ;)

I will try to post as many photos from the weekend as I can! I hope you all have a lovely week ahead. Keep Ben in your prayers that he continues to heal and gets some rest this week!

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Julinda & Floren Morrison said...

Hi Missy and Ben. We had a wonderful time there in the mountains in NC. The weather was so good there. I had a good time watching Melissa taking pictures of the Flowers. Thanks for having us there with you all. We enjoyed being with The Cockman Family and hearing them sing. They are a wonderful christain family.We are praying for Ben,we know the Lord is healing his Eye. Love, Mom & Dad


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